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Welcome to the Nene Valley Archaeological Trust - NVAT

The Nene Valley has attracted people to live and do business since the Neolithic. The Nene Valley Archaeological Trust has been helping to discover, document and communicate the history of the area since 1958. 

We bring together professional archaeologists, we support local amateur groups, we lobby government, and we help focus funds and expertise on Nene Valley archaeology.

The NVAT is a charitable trust with strong academic credentials. We have been involved with archaeological excavations and studies of over 40 sites in the area. Please join our network to find out more about our activities and ways in which you can help continue our important work.

ET Artis & The Durobrivae of Antoninus

NEW Facsimile edition to mark the 200th anniversary!

Romans in the Nene Valley

nvat sites

Explore over 40 sites where the Nene Valley Archaeological Trust or its associates have played a key role

nvat sites

Our own Roman town but also a publication which detailed archaeological work undertaken during the foundation of Peterborough new town

nvat sites

A capable 19th century antiquarian Artis has left us a valuable legacy in the form of detailed drawings of his excavations

News from the Nene Valley Archaeological Trust

News From Nene Valley Archaeological Trust

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