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Bainton Legionary Tile

This is a rib voussoir with the stamp of the Leg. IX (Hispana) stamped on it. It was found in 1867 on the line of the Roman "King Street". The exact circumstances of the find are in dispute. One source (Irving) saying that it was ploughed up, the other (Davies-Pryce) associating it with a burial.

The legion is likely to have supplied troops for the Longthorpe fortress.


It is interesting that such a voussoir might be associated with a bath-house - for which no evidence has yet been found at Longthorpe.

Adrian Challands, 'Two Roman Stamped Tiles from the Peterborough Area', Durobrivae - A Review of Nene Valley Archaeology : 3 (1975), p. 21.

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