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Sacrewell Farm

The site was revealed during the installation of a water supply when limestone footings were cut by the trench. At least 4 buildings were identified, together with traces of burning (destruction deposit?) and a levelling layer containing mortar, opus signinum, flue-tiles, roof-tiles nails and tufa.

A small kiln-like structure, perhaps for malting was also detected. Additionally, large area of industrial activity at least 8 iron-working furnaces were found.

The general layout of the buildings suggest a winged villa, which was demolished at least in part to make room for the later furnaces in the fourth-century.

One enigmatic find from Sacrewell was a stamped tegula found some 100m metres south of the villa, again associated with bowl furnaces. It is suggested that it is the brand-name of a private company exploiting the iron production at the site.

Adrian Challands, 'A Roman Industrial Site and Villa at Sacrewell, Thornhaugh' Durobrivae - A Review of Nene Valley Archaeology : 2 (1974), p. 13-16

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