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The  Durobrivae of  Antoninus - Plate 44

P44. Fragments of earthenware

Artis never completed the words to accompany his drawings. The images below include interpretations provided by modern day archaeology specialists.

Plate 44.1


A small hemispherical bowl (Dr 37) with panel decoration. The coarse wavy-line panel borders with no junction masks are a characteristic feature of Servus, a Central Gaulish potter working at Lezoux, near Clermont-Ferrand (see also plate 50, 2).


The figure types, however, a small man in a medallion and a dancer, are not recorded as having been used by him, or indeed appear on the signed work of any other potter. Servus did, however, use corded bars of the type that appear in the lower panel.


Perspective and the break in the sherd mean that the figure at the left hand edge of the bowl (a warrior?) cannot be identified with certainty.


The bowl is likely to date c.AD 160-200.

F Wild - Jan 2019

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