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Intensive fieldwork at Polebrook Northamptonshire including air photography, geophysical work and field-walking by the Middle Nene Archaeological Group was followed by five seasons of excavation


The excavation was targeted at a series of Saxon buildings set in a formal layout and associated with pits, wells, fence lines and a granary. Some large buildings (up to 16m long and 6 m wide) were post built where the posts were set in a continuous bedding trench. Other smaller buildings simply had posts set in individual post holes. The date range registered by C14 dating was between the late 5th century and the early 8th century with the main focus being around the middle of the 7th century at a time when the monastic site under Wilfred was being established at Oundle.


The finds from the site were limited with little pottery and beads and comb fragments but the size of the structures suggests that the site was of some importance.

S.G. Upex, ‘A Migration Period Site at Polebrook, Northamptonshire: Excavation and Surveys’ South Midlands Archaeology 33, 2003, p. 41-51

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