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Already Published

Castor Village (Praetorium site), 1957/8 and 1973

C.& I.Green, C.M.Dallas,'Excavations at Castor, Cambridgeshire, 1957-8 and 1973', Northants Archaeology 21,1986-7,109-148


Longthorpe 1972-4

G.B.Dannell, J.P.Wild, Longthorpe II: The Military Works-Depot: An Episode in Landscape History, Britannia Monograph 8,1987


Lynch Farm, Site III, 1972

R.F.J.Jones,'The Romano-British Farmstead and its Cemetery at Lynch Farm near Peterborough', Northants Arch. 10, 1975, 94-137


Werrington 1974

D.F.Mackreth,'Excavation of an Iron Age and Roman Enclosure at Werrington, Cambridgeshire', Britannia xix, 1988, 59-151


Barnack Gravel Pits, 1974

Partial publication: P.Donaldson, 'The Excavation of a Multiple Round-Barrow at Barnack, Cambridgeshire, 1974-1976', Ant.J. 57, 1977, 197-231;            Durobrivae 4, 1976, 14-17


Castor Normangate Field 1963

J.R.Perrin, G.Webster, 'Roman Pottery from Excavations in Normangate Field, Castor, Peterborough, 1962-3', Journal of Roman Pottery Studies 3,1990,35-62


Stanground, Park Farm, 1965-67

G.B.Dannell, B.R.Hartley, J.P.Wild, J.R.Perrin, 'Excavations on a Romano-British pottery production site at Park Farm, Stanground, Peterborough, 1965-1967', Journal of Roman Pottery Studies 6,1993,51-93


Hall Farm, Orton Longueville, 1971-1975

D.F.Mackreth, Orton Hall Farm: A Roman and Early Anglo-Saxon Farmstead, East  Anglian Archaeology 76, Nene Valley Archaeological Trust 1996

Burystead, Elton, excavation 1977 by F.E.O'Neil

D.F.Mackreth, 'The Abbot of Ramsey's Manor, Elton, Huntingdonshire', Northants Archaeology 26,1995,123-139


Great North Road, 1957-8, Ironwork Hoard

W.H.Manning, 'A hoard of late Roman ironwork from Sibson, Huntingdonshire' in J.Bird (ed), Form and Fabric: Studies in Rome's Material Past in Honour of B.R.Hartley (Oxford 1998), 281-295

Durobrivae Roman Pottery

J.R.Perrin, 'Roman Pottery from Excavations at and near to the Roman Small Town of Durobrivae, Water Newton, Cambridgeshire, 1956-58', Journal of Roman Pottery  Studies 8, 1999, 1-141

'Monument 97', Orton Longueville, excavation by C.M.Dallas

D.F.Mackreth, Monument 97, an Iron Age and Roman Farmstead, Orton Longueville, Peterborough,  East Anglian Archaeology Monograph 97, NVAT 2001

Castor, Samworth Close (Potter's Oven), 1972 (CPO), excavation by D.F.Mackreth

Durobrivae 1, 1973, 14-16

Stibbington Roman Pottery

S.G.Upex, ‘The excavation of a fourth-century Roman pottery production unit at Stibbington, Cambridgeshire’, The Archaeological Journal 165, 2008,       265-333

The Praetorium of Edmund Artis

S.G.Upex, ‘The Praetorium of Edmund Artis: a summary of excavations and surveys of the palatial Roman structure at Castor, Cambridgeshire, 1828-2010’, Britannia 42, 2011, 23-121

North Lodge, Barnwell

S.G.Upex, ‘A Roman farmstead at North Lodge, Barnwell: excavations 1973-1988’.   Northants Archaeology 38, 2015, 107-138

Lynch Farm II

S.G.Upex, ’Lynch Farm II, Orton Longueville  (excavations by J.P.Wild and G.B.Dannell, 1972-74)‘. East Anglian Archaeology 2018

Nene Park Heritage Audit

S.G.Upex, ‘Heritage Audit and Landscape Assessment for the Nene Park Trust 2018’.   Nene Valley Archaeological Trust 2018

Orton Meadows

D.F.Mackreth, 'Prehistoric Burial Mounds in Orton Meadows, Peterborough'. East Anglian Archaeology Report 173, 2020

Unfinished Works

The Great North Road 1957-8, excavations by J.P.Gillam, B.R.Hartley, G.Webster

Castor Normangate Field 1962-63, 1968-70, 1973-75, excavations by B.R.Hartley, G.B.Dannell, J.P.Wild

Lynch Farm, Site I, 1972, excavation by A.Challands (Durobrivae 1, 1973, 22-23;  2, 1974, 23)


Walton, 1973, excavation by R.F.J.Jones (Durobrivae 2, 1974, 29-31)


Peterborough Town sites, 1972 onward, excavations by D.F.Mackreth et al.

  • PTHC (Tout Hill Close):  D.F.Mackreth, ‘Tout Hill Close, Peterborough’, Durobrivae 2, 1974, 24-26

  • PBSW (Bridge St West 1975-76): F.O’Neill, ‘Excavations at Bridge Street, Peterborough’, Durobrivae 6, 1978, 30-31; Ann Rep 1975-6, 9; 1980-1, 8

  • PCMB (Peterborough Cathedral Monastic Boundary): Ann Rep 1987-8, 9-10 burh defences, SE corner of Precinct (Ian Meadows);  Ann Rep 1981-2, 6-7  burh wall near Peterscourt; Ann Rep 1992-93, 3 burh wall and ditch, south side (Ian Meadows for City)  Statements on publication status: Ann Rep 1983-4, 3; 1988-9, 2 (Don Mackreth) 


Barnack Gravel Pits, 1978-79 (BGP), excavation by F.E.O'Neill, A.Pryor (Durobrivae 7,  1979, 23-25)

Sutton Cross, Upton 1990 ‘Roman camps’, excavations by A.Challands for Fenland Arch Trust (Ann Rep 1989-1990, 4-6, plan p.6)

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