Castor, Normangate Field 1965-74

This large, 28 ha. area of suburban development lay to the north of the Nene, on the line of Ermine Street across the bridge from Durobrivae.


First excavated by E.T. Artis, commercial buildings appeared to line the road frontage, with extensive industrial activity mainly to the east with an internal road structure, comprising potteries, iron-working and probably glass-working.  This development appears to start by the Trajanic-Hadrianic period.


Excavations in the twentieth century confirmed Artis's work, but also revealed that from the later third-century land use was changing and burials and a mausoleum were found. The area is currently the subject of a comprehensive geophysical survey by the Nene Park Trust with full publication of the recent excavations to follow. 


G. Dannell, 'Roman Industry in Normangate Field, Castor', Durobrivae 2, 1974, p. 7-9

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