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The  Durobrivae of  Antoninus - Plate 52

P52.Fragments of Roman earthenware vesse

Artis never completed the words to accompany his drawings. The images below include interpretations provided by modern day archaeology specialists.

Plate 52.1


A hemispherical bowl (Dr 37) showing panel decoration. The style is that of Cinnamus of Lezoux, who used all the figure types and motifs on the bowl. His factory was the most prolific of all the Central Gaulish producers of samian ware exported to Britain in the 2nd century AD. c.AD 150-180.

F Wild - January 2019

Plate 52.2


A Central Gaulish bowl (Dr 37), showing panel decoration. The panels contain a tree motif, spearman and upright staff motif, a boar over an arrangement of three gadroons, and the same tree with a hare and birds.


The rather chaotic arrangement of types in the panels suggests the work of Docilis of Lezoux, who also sometimes omitted the horizontal border beneath the ovolo. The spearman, staff motif and triple arrangement of gadroons are all attested for Docilis, though not the boar, which was used by his near-contemporary Sacer. The tree is uncertain, but looks closest to one used by Sacer and Attianus. The right-hand panel is too dark to be certain of the detail, but the best match for the hare is one used by Attianus.


Docilis was at work c.AD 130-155. 

F Wild - January 2019

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