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Orton Hall Farm 1971-75

Excavation in the parish of Orton Longueville during the 1970s revealed a farmstead which had been occupied from c.50AD right through into the 6th century.


At its greatest extent, in the 4th century, the farmstead included three barns, a house with a walled yard, a large rectangular building and a mill-house. Important evidence for the milling of grain, brewing and animal management was recovered. The farm was apparently a large establishment having many features in common with a medieval manor, and it may have been an imperial estate.


Occuption continued into the Saxon period, with evidence of a granary and possibly a hall.

The plans below are reproduced from the report which is available for download from the publisher:

EAA76, 1996: Orton Hall Farm: A Roman and Early Saxon Farmstead, by Donald Mackreth

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