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On-line lectures from the St Kyneburgha Trust

The St Kyneburgha Building Preservation Trust has worked closely with NVAT over recent years and you may be interested to join two archaeology related ‘on-line’ lectures which the Trust is organising.

Thursday 17th June 6.30pm

How Artists have viewed Archaeology

Dr Paul Stamper

Paul will present a very visual history of the illustration of archaeological sites from the Middle Ages to the present. He worked for Historic England for 20 years and has taught at Leicester for a year. He runs his own archaeological consultancy and was recently involved in findings uncovered by HS2.

Thursday 30th September 6.30pm

Time Team exploits and what was found at Castor

Professor Carenza Lewis

In 2011, Time Team came to Castor. Carenza worked with Time Team on this programme and will give us an insight into what they found out and what it was like being part of this excellent series. Carenza is a well know academic archaeologist and television presenter. She was part of the Time Team crew between 1993 – 2005 including the trip to Castor. Carenza is currently professor for the Public Understanding of Research at the University of Lincoln.

If you are interested in ‘attending’ one of these lectures please e-mail

There is no charge but the Trust is encouraging donations to support its work.


The St Kyneburgha Building Preservation Trust raises funds to maintain the building and site of Castor Church in Cambridgeshire - a magnificent and ancient 900 year old church on the site of our local Roman Praetorium.

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