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Ermine Street Guard at Flag Fen

The Ermine Street Guard bring the Roman army to life, and they are coming to Flag Fen on 1st and 2nd June.

The Guard are renowned for their dedication to historical accuracy and authenticity. They make 90% of everything on display including the cavalry equipment, artillery and tents. The Guard actively seeks out and studies newly discovered research and updates their equipment accordingly.

The two day event lets visitors step into the shoes of a Roman soldier as they meet authentic reenactors who will showcase their armour, equipment, and military prowess. From live demonstrations of training exercises to the precise manoeuvres of Roman legions, spectators will witness first hand the discipline and skill that defined the Roman military unit.

For those eager to try their hand at ancient skills, there will be an opportunity to use a quern stone mill. Visitors can experience firsthand the labour-intensive process of milling grain and gain a deeper appreciation for ancient technology.


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