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Durobrivae - New Mag Survey Images

Our knowledge of the area immediately to the south east of the walled town of Durobrivae has been enhanced by a magnetometry survey undertaken in autumn 2022 by the Community Archaeology Geophysics Group (CAGG) led by Kris Lockyear of UCL. NVAT helped facilitate the survey and is most grateful to the team of volunteers involved.

Known as Boat Field the area is immediately to the east of the A1 and to the west of the River Nene. The diagonal to the left of the image is Ermine Street, close to the southern gateway of Durobrivae.

The dark marks reflect magnetic anomalies - principally ditches and areas subjected to extreme heat. A series of narrow plots run back from Ermine Street frontages. It is likely that many of these were potteries. A significant road running approximately parallel to Ermine Street can be seen at the top of the image.

A circular mark to the right of the image is likely to be prehistoric and is consistent with other such features to the west of the A1 and within the town itself.

Initial analysis and interpretation of the survey images can be found on the CAFG website.

More information about previous geophysical surveys of Durobrivae can be found on the relevant section of the NVAT website.

Google Earth image from 2021 showing part of Durobrivae walled town (left) and Boat Field (right).

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