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Archaeology and Antiquarianism

The Nene Valley Archaeological Trust has announced its 2023 Conference.

It is 200 years since the launch of a landmark archaeological publication by antiquarian, Edmund Tyrrell Artis. His magnificent set of illustrations record the excavations and finds he made whilst living in the Peterborough area. They provide particular insights into the Roman presence near Castor and its associated pottery and metal working industries.

To celebrate the contribution of Artis and other antiquarians, the Nene Valley Archaeological Trust is holding a one-day conference in Peterborough on Saturday 21st October.

A series of six talks will look at some of the prominent figures during the transition from antiquarianism to archaeology. Speakers include Prof Stephen Upex (Cambridge University), Prof Sarah Scott (Leicester University) and Prof Mark White (Durham University).

The conference will be held at Deacon’s Academy, Peterborough.


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