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An Exciting New Publication

NVAT is delighted to announce the long awaited publication of the Orton Meadows Neolithic and Bronze Age burial site excavated by the late Don Mackreth.

At Orton Meadows, during works which led to the creation of the Nene Park, a burial mound and complex ritual burial site were discovered lying on the north bank of an old course of the river Nene. A round barrow identified in field walking by our colleague, David Hall, was found to lie close to an unsuspected, older burial monument. Both were excavated in difficult financial circumstances by Don and his Field Centre staff .

The burial sites span the period from the Neolithic to the Middle Bronze Age with evidence that they shared a sequence of development. Iron Age weaponry and currency bars were recovered from the old course of the Nene nearby and there was evidence that that ritual or religious practices continued at the round barrow into early Saxon times.

This volume is the latest in the prestigious East Anglian Archaeology report series. It is amply illustrated with Don’s plans and section drawings: Don was a master draughtsman!


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