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Exploratory Excavation at Durobrivae - July 2019

NVAT is pleased to announce that arrangements have been made with Historic England for exploratory excavations at the Roman Town of Durobrivae during the month of July.

At this stage, the aim is to examine the state of preservation of the monument, which will involve lifting the turf and exposing the first undisturbed archaeological layer, particularly in areas subject to damage by rabbit burrows.

durobrivae excavation july 2019

We will be organising two public viewing days on the 14th and 21st of July, from 14.30 -16.00, so visitors can see the work in progress. We regret that no other access will be possible for casual visits in accordance with the provisions under which we are allowed to operate.

There is very limited parking space available in the lay-by adjacent to the site, and we are trying to get other facilities to enable more people to join us.

If you are interested to come along, you need to register your interest by completing the online registration form:

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