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TALK: Nassington Roman Barn - Fri 15th Feb

An update on the MidNAG excavation of a Roman site at Nassington will be given by Archaeological Director, Derek Roberts on Friday 15th February. The talk will take place at Nassington Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Middle Nene Archaeology Group (MidNAG) returned to Nassington in August 2018. The extremely dry ground meant it was not possible to re-open excavation of the Roman barn itself However, early disappointment with the change of plan turned to excitement as many features in the surrounding landscape were revealed.

Over the past 2 years MidNAG has discovered and explored an enigmatic Roman barn. It is large with fine herringbone foundations and a number of curious kiln features which are not yet fully understood. There is evidence of an earlier Roman building on the same site. The photo shows how it had been left in September 2017.

Visit the MidNag website for more information.

nassington roman barn

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