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The NVAT & the Nenescape project

The NVAT are one of several organisations who have joined together as part of the ‘Nenescape ‘ project in bids to get funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund .The various bids cover a wide range of projects concerning heritage, wildlife and environment, that are aimed at raising awareness and improving access to the countryside around and along the river Nene between Northampton and Peterborough. Working together with Nene Park Trust, NVAT members have collaborated with a bid called ‘Walking in Time’. As well as improving access to the Nene Park for walkers from the centre of Peterborough, the project includes the creation of a ‘Heritage Audit’ of all the historical sites and artefacts located within the Nene Park, that will provide guidance for their promotion and protection. It is also intended to set up several Heritage trails with appropriate interpretation boards in the vicinity of the park , highlighting the Roman history of this area. The grant should also pay for new leaflets to accompany any guided walks and a new mobile application to provide historical information for users as they go from site to site. If the bid is successful, funding will also be available to complete comprehensive research of all the available information from previous excavations in the areas of the suburbs around Durobrivae. This will then provide the basis for the up to date information on the interpretation boards and the routes of the guided walks. The HLF have set aside £2.6m for all the various ‘Nenescape ‘ projects but final decisions will not be made until October 2017 as to where the funding will be directed. We will of course keep you posted on our progress!

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